Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note
A Message from Rev. HeyYoung Horton, Senior Pastor

Last December during our women's Christmas dinner, a woman named Grace sat across from me. I learned that she was originally from Jamaica and had only attended our church a few times. During the dinner I shared with her that our church goal for 2023 is to "Bring people to Christ through loving fellowship." Grace liked the idea and responded that she would like to be a part of it. She even went as far as offering to cook some Jamaican food for people.

I quickly shared with her that Gary and I got married in Jamaica and thoroughly enjoyed the island and the delicious Jamaican food we had there. We made a plan for a Flavor of Jamaica Night and set the date for January 29.

We advertised in house and Grace and her husband Dan took it from there. They put in a lot of time and effort and cooked the most delicious Jamaican food I have ever tasted. Grace also recruited her brothers who came all the way from Philadelphia to help with the cooking. When we picked the date for the dinner we never dreamed our Eagles would be playing in the NFC championship game that same evening. Fortunately we were able to use the TV set up in Lyle Hall and the Eagles didn't disappoint. The Eagles weren't the only success that night, as our church family and many people from the community came to join in our feast. One such person didn't even know where Cape May UMC was and asked directions via Facebook.

The Flavor of Jamaica Night was a huge success! The food was great, but it was the loving fellowship extended to the community that made the night. Thanks to Dan and Grace for sharing their time and talents.

Our Flavor of Jamaica night reminded me of the movie "Babette's Feast". Alissa Wilkinson analyzed the movie "Babette's Feast" as "The feast Babette prepares is practically an act of worship — made by someone the group still considers beyond their bonds of acceptability, but who has patiently worked to show them love — and it works. Bridges are built. Bonds are forged. And a really good meal is shared."

Our Cape May UMC the Flavor of Jamaican Night did just that. It served to bring loving fellowship between our church and the Cape May community.

I am so proud to be a part of Cape May UMC.

New Jersey Annual Conference
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