Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note

A Message from Rev. HeyYoung Horton, Senior Pastor
Rev. HeYoung Horton Small, Pure, and Full of Love

A few weeks ago I heard a happy voice calling out my name from the back of the sanctuary. I turned and saw our Gladys with her face beaming just like a child who had just opened a Christmas gift. She said "Pastor, come and see this." I rushed to her call and she showed me several boxes full of soda can tabs. Gladys has been on a mission of collecting these tabs for many years. She is always reminding our church members to save them. Before I met Gladys, I did not know those tabs were worth anything. But I have learned that the tabs found on standard beverage cans are made from high quality, high-grade aluminum. So while an individual tab doesn't seem like much, when put together with many other tabs they can actually become a valuable donation. Gladys proudly shared that over the years those tab shave been responsible providing several wheelchairs for people in need.

The tabs Gladys collects not only come from our church members, but also from some of our summer visitors. While visiting our church during
their vacations they have heard Gladys' plea to save those tabs. They became inspired, so much so, that when they returned home they asked
their home churches to begin collecting tabs to support Gladys' mission.

In fact I received a letter from one such summer visitor. They informed me that they had collected many tabs but not knowing Gladys address they sent me the information.

It may seem like a very small thing but it is definitely contagious and has grown out of a heart of gold!

Let's all take time to remember those who are in need of our love, encouragement, kind words, support, and care. Each little thing that we do may seem small but just like those aluminum tabs, when put together I am sure we can move the mountains.

Happy New Year to you all!!

New Jersey Annual Conference
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