2017 Vacation Bible School

Cape May United Methodist Church ~ Vacation Bible School ~ 2017


Cape May United Methodist Church hosted –Vacation Bible School from July 24 through 28th ~ 5:45 to 8:15 pm.

Children 5-12 years old were invited to attend.

There were singing, dancing, games, snacks, science experiments, Bible stories and crafts.

The last night of Vacation Bible School we invite the parents to attend and see firsthand what their children have been learning all week!

On Sunday, August 30th, the morning worship will showcase our youth!  The congregation will view a Power Point presentation and video showing the week-long activities of our Vacation Bible School!  The children’s parents are invited to attend the service.

Heroes In Training!

Story time!









Plenty of time for FUN and GAMES!

Missionaries to Kenya teach the youth how to sing and dance in Swahili as they play African instruments!


Weird Science – See how many pencils you can thrust through a plastic bag without it leaking!