Missions & Ministries – Activities and Opportunities

Back to Guatemala in 2019!

YOU can be part of our church’s global mission!  Cape May United Methodist Church traveled back to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala in March 2018.  Holly and Emma Golden and Dave Chapman departed for another trip on July 6th through July 14th, 2018!  We are blessed and so excited to be joining “Friends of Promised Land Ministries,” furthering Cape May United Methodist Church’s global mission outreach, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the members of our team, the Guatemalan host team, and those we will be assisting. Our team will be building houses, providing medical services, teaching sewing, and evangelizing through the local church with witnessing and children’s programs. The children’s ministry sets up alongside the medical clinic to play games with the children, sing songs, make crafts, share Bible stories, color, etc.

Thank you for providing clothing and other material donations. I’m now seeking funding for building supplies that we’ll use to build as many houses as possible, which total about $1,900 per house. Checks can be made out to Cape May United Methodist Church, with “GUATEMALA” in the memo portion. Following are photos of four of the Guatemala houses that we helped build in July 2017, changing lives as we witness to God’s love.

Please be a part of Cape May United Methodist Church’s Guatemala ministry! Thank you, and God Bless You!









Two Trips to Africa in 2019

Barbara and Bill Garrison, their grandson Jackson Roberts traveled to the village of Usueni, in Kenya Africa.  They left for Kenya on August 15, and departed Nairobi on September 1, 2018 and returned to Cape May on September 2nd.

While in Usueni, they worked on the village Vocational Education Center among other things.  It’s pretty exciting because they live in the village, work alongside the villagers, and eat what the villagers eat.  Dave says if you want to know what you’re having for dinner, just watch what the children are chasing, goats or chickens!  Dave says goat meat is really pretty good. 

Dave said he wishes he had done this a long time ago.

Dave will be happy to answer questions and encourage folks to get involved with our overseas missions.  I am blessed to be helping organize the trips, and even more blessed to participate in them.  There is no down side for me.  I want others to experience the joy and awe that these trips provide, to me and especially to those we serve.

There will be future mission opportunities to Guatemala, Uganda, and Kenya in 2019, so pray about it and consider a future mission opportunity.




Family Promise: We are a Family Promise church.  We provide help for homeless families throughout Cape May County.  We partner with other churches on a rotation basis.  http://www.familypromisecmc.org/

Atlantic City Rescue Mission: We collect clothing and other necessities that are delivered to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission to help the homeless in and around the city.

DSC_9829The Hope Circle: Hope Jars and Joke Jars are available in the Narthax and the rear hallway.  These jars are beautifully decorated and filled with Bible verses, hopeful notes, uplifting encouragement, and / or funny jokes for those who want to start their day with laughter!



Cape May Community Food Closet: Food and other necessities are collected and delivered to the Community Food Bank.

STIFFLER-VIRGINIA-21 Ginny’s Pennies: Collect your pennies (and small change) and give them to Gladys Mendo. She has now taken over this ministry for Ginny Stiffler.  Ginny has gone home to be with the Lord .  The coins are collected to purchase grocery gift cards for families in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  Giving to Ginny’s Pennies is almost as contagious as her beautiful smile, and Gladys is always full of energy and willing to help!


Aluminum Pull Tabs: Collect your aluminum pull tabs and give them to Gladys Mendo.  They are recycled and the money is used to purchase medical and non-medical items for Shriner’s Hospital.  Donate your tabs to help heal a child.


Gladys Mendo

Used Postage Stamps: Save your used postage stamps and give them to Gladys Mendo.  Income from the sale of these stamps goes to support preparation, publishing, and distribution of a Spanish language curriculum for Sunday schools.  More then50 lesson series have been published and are being used in churches of 40 different denominations in 19 different Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America and the United States.


Habitat for Humanity: Several men from our church work with Habitat for Humanity to assist in building homes for families who need help.

Lower Township School Food Program: This program provides food for children at risk in Lower Township Schools.

Heifer Project International: Heifer Project provides live animals to people in poor and developing countries.  It may be a cow, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, etc.  These animals provide a source of income for their families, and when the animals breed, they “pay it forward” by sharing some of the off-spring with other families so the ministry continues to help more families.  

Duc Tan Commune, Tan Tru District, Long An Province, Vietnam.  Nguyen Thi Kieu Tien, 15 years old, feeds the family cow in the Duc Tan Commune of Vietnam.



Operation ChOperationChristmasChildLogo-Pictureristmas Child: Is managed by Samaritans Purse, led by Franklin Graham.  Shoe boxes are filled with personal hygiene items along with shoes, flip-flops, and a toy or two.  Gospel materials are also included in the shoe boxes.  They will be sent to collection centers and then distributed throughout the world to children who would otherwise not receive a Christmas present.  This brings joy to children and spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

UPDATE: In 2017 our church members and youth collected and packed over 80 Christmas Child shoe boxes full of gifts, toys, life necessities and Christian literature to be distributed as a sign of God’s love and provision throughout the world!  It looks like 2017 will be another Operation Christmas Child full of blessings.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

NOTE: NO candy or toothpaste please!  Instructions and labels are in the empty boxes and on the tables by the entrances.  Please place a $9.00 donation inside the box on top of the gifts to help with the cost of shipping.  Learn more at http://www.samaritanspurse.org