Rev. Jeanette M. Block

  Happy New Year from all of us at Cape May United Methodist Church! 

We are grateful that you check our website for activities and time for worship.

I recommend rather than making resolutions to give up something, that we resolve to take on something.

For me it is extending my prayer time in the morning so I can make sure that everyone on my list is prayed for.

I also take time in the winter to read.  I love reading and the Ipad makes it easy for me to read 2-3 newspapers and any books that I’ve accumulated.

I suggest that the Bible is a good place to start reading.  Find a verse or chapter of the Bible that we like well and continuously read it to hear God’s word.  This is lectio divina: divine reading.  Reading the same passage/chapter over and over to allow the Spirit to give new insight and understanding.  The Psalms is always a good place to start as they are the emotional heart the scriptures and identify all the emotions we share.  

Other readings that I recommend:

The Attentive Life: Discerning God’s Presence in All Things Leighton Ford.  This book helps understand Matthew 2:1-12.  We need both creation and scripture to help us understand the gospel.

Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth Richard J. Foster  Foster speaks plain language in teaching us how to deepen our faith.

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell  I am planning a summer study of this book.  I love anything by Fr. Rohr.

If you are looking for something, let me know and I am happy to help you find a resource to deepen your faith journey.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading…be willing to enter the mystery of faith and grow into God’s presence.

Rev. Jeanette M. Block, OSL

Cape May United Methodist Church

635 Washington Street, PO Box 472 Cape May, New Jersey 08204

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If we go down into ourselves, we find that we possess exactly what we desire.”~ Simone Weil